We have discounted deals representing savings of 40% on our regular prices in July, August and September.
If you are looking to get some quality time on the water with quality training partners and excellent coaching in a Corona safe environment. SailCoach`s Malta SailBase is the place to be… Check out our July newsletter for further details?

SailCoach is more than a coaching organisation…

“Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and losing teaches you about life.“ – Billie Jean King

Some of the things we do...

Malta SailBase

The Mediterranean island of Malta is home to the SailCoach family and is one of the world’s best sailing venues offering all year round sailing conditions. Why not join us and experience first hand what SailCoach and Malta have to offer?
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Regatta Coaching Tours

SailCoach staff have been operating Regatta Coaching Tours for over thirty years. The tours are the ideal way to get the most out of your regatta. All you have to do is fly into the nearest airport and SailCoach looks after everything else, accommodation, charter boats and the regatta coaching etc….
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Charter Boats

SailCoach maintains a fleet of approximately 30 Lasers, 12 Winner Optimist, 6 charter RIBs and we are at most major European regattas. This means you never have to worry about transporting boats. We also have a fleet of 10 Lasers and BlueBlue Optimists at our Malta SailBase all year round for teams to use for training camps.
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``SailCoach lite``

SailCoach “lite,” which is a lighter version of SailCoach with some of the non-essential services trimmed back in order to give clubs and Sailing Federations better training options at an affordable price with their own coach. Ask about our prices and you will be pleasantly surprised as to how competitive they are?
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“SailCoach” who we are...

We have become world renown in our sport of sailing for offering an independent high performance pathway for sailors and coaches worldwide.

We aim to provide sailors and coaches with access to the highest level of international coaching and mentoring in a one stop shop, situated at world class sailing venues with excellent training facilities.
Full time staff
Years coaching
Olympic medals won

Some more of the things we do...

Team SailCoach

Team SailCoach goal is to bring sailors together who do not have access to coaching to train together as a team for a common goal, i.e. the Olympics in most cases. Based on the Mediterranean island of Malta where we aim to provide 20 to 25 technical training days on the water per month, daily fitness lead by our strength and conditioning coach.
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We all know high performance comes from many hours on the water and these SailCoach services have the goal to help Optimist sailors do just that, under the watchful eye of some of the best coaches in the class.
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Boarding School Programme

The future of a sailing athlete will become more dependent on quality time on the water, and the best way to achieve this is through combining education and specialist coaching. Here, at SailCoach, we are bringing together these two elements by offering a boarding school solution.
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Transition Year Students

The SailCoach Transition Year programme has been designed for TY students, based on the Mediterranean island of Malta, where we run our SailBase for all kinds of Laser sailors. We understand that a number of TY students would like to use this flexible school year to develop their sailing skills.
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Top Tips

Don't be that person that wondered 'what if?'. Get doing what your passions are telling you to do and good thing will happen...

SailCoach teaches you

To trust yourself, knowing your strong enough to make it through…
To take responsibility, owning up to mistakes and move forward…
Life will never be fair, but overcoming challenges is a core lesson…

Why we are different...



Our goal is to achieve a position of respect and be a positive influence in our sport. SailCoach values understanding, integrity, honesty in its dealing with its athletes and will strive to keep commitments to them and others. SailCoach Mission is “making you better” and empowering its athletes and staff to greatness through a shared vision.


Track record

SailCoach has been at the forefront of dinghy racing since its founding and its sailors have won four Olympic Medals. However, our mission is about more than just silverware, our success is defined as individuals realising their personal potential.



We focus on our athletes needs with the aim to promote a lifelong enjoyment of sports, while emphasising core values of discipline, teamwork, safety, respect and integrity in our athletes and coaches.



SailCoach was the first private high-performance coaching organisation in the sport of sailing, now with over 24 years of the experience working with sailing athletes.

“You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self motivation”.

Homer Rice

Why not have one of these?


Coach Pack

85.00 76.50

Coach pack is an off-shore or on-shore “coach assistant”. With a waterproof board it’s an ideal accessory for demonstrating particular situations just after they occur, might be still on the water.

Our people are our best asset in this business...

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