Optimist Clinics

Silver and Bronze Level

SailCoach has been rolled out their Optimist Clinics over the last few years, and we are becoming as well known for Optimist coaching as we are for ILCA Dinghies. We are widely recognized for having the best track record in youth sailing with significant results in ILCA 4, and ILCA 6 and our coaches are known for their skills in nurturing young talent. Now with SailCoach moving into Optimist coaching, younger sailors will have access to this expertise at a much earlier age with all the advantages that entails. We understand well that sailing helps young people develop self-confidence, independence, and problem-solving skills giving them the ability to think for themselves. Our coaching staff are trained to help sailors grow these skills as we see maturity playing a large role in a sport like sailing.

Pre Clinic Entry Experience

This Optimist Clinic is intended for highly motivated Optimist sailors who wants to improve and hone their racing skills to make a significant step forward towards a place in their national teams.

What’s involved

The clinic is designed to offer five days of intense training to help improve boat preparation with the most recent developments in the class, tuning advice, sail settings and advanced boat handling skills including roll-tacking, roll-gybing and mark roundings. The Optimist Clinic will look hard at developing both Upwind and Downwind speed, as well tactics and race strategy, with extensive use of video analysis.

What’s included, airport transfers, high-performance coaching and charter an Optimist? Sailors are responsible for their booking their own flights and accommodation.

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