Charter RIBs

SailCoach is one of the oldest organizations providing support service to sailors and Federations on the European sailing circuit. Although SailCoach’s core focus is on providing coaching, we have always had a sizeable fleet of RIBs for coaches to charter. Along with our partner company Charter Boat, we have a significant fleet and can usually fulfil most requests.

As you may know, SailCoach has been providing a Coach Boat charter service since 1995 and as a result, we understand the needs of our clients. SailCoach’s RIB charters are among the best in the world using high-quality VSR RIBs. We have provided charter services to more than 50 Sailing Federations from around the World. Teams from China, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Ireland, Singapore, Turkey, UAE, USA and many more!

The service

At many regattas, we usually are the first people on-site and the last to leave, and we always have staff on-site throughout most regattas, making SailCoach your reliable partner for coach boat charters. Along with our many years of experience, we should be able to fulfil your Charter requirements. We asked you to book early, so you’re not disappointed as demand is quite high at present.

We use only the best RIBs

VSR have the best coaching RIBs on the market and are the World Leader in the manufacture of coach boats. That is why SailCoach uses VSR as its RIB provider has proven reliable with most coaches preferring them when chartering. We also use another World Leader, Yamaha outboards with efficient 4-stroke engines.

Tailored packages

Our all-inclusive rental packages where boats are supplied ready-to-go fully fuelled and waiting for your team. We can also tailor to your needs by providing charter packages on a seasonal or event-by-event basis. These packages can also include minivans, road trailers, ILCA Dinghies and Optimist charters.

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