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Happy Years of Coaching
Singapore ILCA 6 team and other at Malta SailBase

SailCoach works predominantly with sailors from emerging nations. Spanning from Seychelles to Bahamas and from Iceland to the Cook Islands, we have coached sailors from all corners of the world. Most of our sailors compete in the ILCA and more recently in Optimists. SailCoach provides them with a one-stop-shop for coaching, charter boats, accommodation, overall campaign support, and mentoring. We pride ourselves as we have taken newcomers to sailing all the way to the Regional Games, as well as developed talented athletes into Olympic Medallists. Many sailors who are part of SailCoach develop skills for life and feel they have been part of an experience, not just at a sailing clinic. In a number of cases if it were not for the help given by SailCoach, they may have fallen short of their aspirations.

Our mission is about more than silverware.

The SailCoach philosophy is based on the development of the whole athlete, where success is defined as an individual realising their personal potential and developing life skills that will be of benefit beyond the realms of the boat park.

SailCoach holds coaching clinics at our Malta and Valencia SailBases all year round, as well as travelling to most of the European and World Championship regattas at the ILCA 4, 6 and 7 levels. SailCoach has a number of full-time athletes who train with us (some attend University in Malta), and also plenty of individuals who fit in coaching camps and regattas around their work/school commitments.

If you would like to devote a year away to ILCA sailing, or if you fancy simply trying out a coaching week or regatta, please contact us and we can answer any queries or questions you have. However, it’s worth mentioning that we are not a holiday camp and do not tolerate sailors that are not serious about their sport. Such people destabilise the group dynamics and make it harder for the other sailors that would like to succeed.

Some of our Tokyo Olympians

The Move to Valencia

Valencia SailBase on a November day

In December 2021 SailCoach opened it’s second base in the city of Valencia with its excellent sailing conditions afloat making it a popular training venue for Optimists (Orange Regatta), Finn, ILCA and other Olympic sailors alike. Valencia was a natural choice for SailCoach operating out of the Real Club Náutico de Valencia, with the Mediterranean providing excellent warm weather training all year round. SailCoach’s Valencia SailBase will provide a “home from home” for teams wanting a base in Europe with year-round training facilities. The SailBase can offer favourable prices for long-term containers parking, giving teams a base to store equipment a day’s drive away from the heart of Europe. They can then fly from any part of the world, spending a week or two getting set up and over any jetlag, et cetera, before competing on the European regatta circuit. Traditionally, the first regatta on the European circuit is Palma Majorca, and with Valencia having daily ferry services to the island, what better starting point could there be? We will also offer our SailCoach lite service from the Valencia SailBase.

“There are lots of coaching organisations out there, yet what SailCoach does is utilise a unique philosophy to tailor its multitude of services to the individuals “needs” using our distinct coaching philosophy and wide range of talents such as outstanding coaches delivering quality coaching, physical fitness, nutrition, and psychological expertise” The SailCoach family has an understanding of what it takes to achieve success, which is on a higher plane than any other organisation. We hope we can use that understanding to help young people to develop the personal skills that will improve their ability to succeed in life, giving them access to employment.

Trevor Millar
SailCoach Founder 

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