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TY BaseCamp (Malta)

December 1 - December 14

SailCoach has created the December TY BaseCamp with Irish school students in mind. However, we extend a warm welcome to sailors from other countries who wish to join this group of 15 and 16-year-olds, focusing on ILCA 4 and ILCA 6 sailing. Our TY BaseCamp are offered five times annually in March, June, October, November and this special December addition, and is based at the Seabank Hotel, Mellieha Bay, Malta. These Mediterranean SailBases serve as our home for ILCA and Optimist sailors who are passionate about our sport of sailing.

We understand that a number of TY students would like to use this flexible school year to develop their sailing skills and perhaps get to the required standard to be selected for the Irish Sailing Academy or just learn about life away from home.

The SailCoach TY BaseCamp program offers a unique educational opportunity, allowing young sailors to immerse themselves in the world of ILCA sailing. This firsthand experience provides valuable insights into the daily routines and practices of top-level coaches and full-time sailors on our team, fostering character building and personal growth. It often comes as an eye-opener for club level ILCA sailors, as they witness the dedication and commitment required to excel in this sport.

During the program, participants can expect a rigorous schedule, with ILCA coaching sessions conducted 5 to 6 days a week. They will have the privilege of training alongside experienced peers, benefiting from the camaraderie and competition that this environment fosters. Additionally, our in-house strength and conditioning coach will be available to guide them in improving their fitness levels, ensuring they are well prepared to meet the demands of ILCA Dinghy sailing while developing valuable life skills.

Pre Clinic Entry Experience

The TY BaseCamp welcomes sailors with a strong motivation to enhance and refine their racing skills, aiming to take a substantial leap toward elevating their national standards. Participants are not restricted to regular ILCA Dinghy sailors; we extend our invitation to those originating from national youth classes such as Topper, 29er, and 420. However, it is essential that they possess the capability to sail in 18 to 20 knots of wind on the open sea. Our program values diversity and embraces sailors from various backgrounds and experiences who share a common goal of advancing their racing abilities.

SailCoach’s Coaching Philosophy

We are dedicated to inspiring young individuals through an unforgettable adventure that leaves a lasting imprint on their lives. Sailing transcends the realm of leisure activity, it serves as a powerful catalyst for personal transformation. Our goal extends beyond providing top race training, it encompasses the development of character, confidence, and self-esteem, both on and off the water.

At SailCoach, we are committed to making a lifelong impact on everyone we encounter. We measure our success not solely by sailing achievements but also by the personal growth and achievements of our TY students. Our coaches are firm believers in the potential of all young people to succeed and realise their true capabilities. During their school transition year, we aim to equip them with a valuable set of life skills, enabling them to excel in various aspects of life, including academic success in the Leaving Cert. Our goal is to empower them for a bright and promising future.

A typical day

The day will start at 08:30, with students making their breakfast and packing lunches for the day in their TY apartment, then meeting at 10:30 at the SailBase for a physical training activation session. These physical training sessions will be conducted by our in-house S&C coaches, with care being taken that the exercises are suitable for that age group, ensuring their safety.

A briefing will follow what the coach plans for the day’s sailing sessions and point out the areas where the coach intends to focus, considering the prevailing weather conditions. After a short lunch, students will go afloat for the race training session, which could last between two to three hours, again depending on the weather forecast.

After sailing, the S&C coach will take control of the group, running a recovery session that sometimes involves an ice bath or swims. There will be a debrief on the day’s activities either before or after dinner at a local restaurant. There will be some time set aside in the evening to relax before bed by 22:30… then it will start all over again.

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December 1
December 14


Mellieha Bay
Seabank Hotel
Mellieha, Malta
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