Malta BaseCamp


The BaseCamp is our most popular training programme, mainly because of its flexibility. It gives athletes the opportunity to fit in training when they are available, not like other training programmes with set dates. It provides ILCA athletes block of time of hard training with access to some of the worlds best ILCA coaches, good training partners and quality time to work on fitness levels.

If sailors haven’t got the time for a full month you are welcome to join for a week or two to brush up on their skill set, catching up on the latest techniques in the class. Being exposed to the culture, seeing firsthand how things are done by the professional ILCA sailors, just their lifestyle alone is an eye-opener for most ILCA sailors.

For up-to-date information on Malta travel restrictions please take a look at the visit Malta website.

So what does it involve?

Sailors stay for as long as it suits them, be it one week or a number of months at our Malta SailBase, being introduced to an Olympic sailors way of life, getting into a routine of sailing, fitness, briefings, protein shakes and of course sleep.

BaseCamps have a broad focus, giving sailors the opportunity to work on different areas of their development. Primarily aimed at ILCA 6 or 7 athletes campaigning for a goal regatta, the beauty of BaseCamp is that sailors get to experience and practice in every type of sailing conditions as the weather varies throughout the month.

Athletes can get into the routine of a true ILCA professional and often make the biggest improvements in performance during BaseCamp training stretches. Athletes get to work with a coach for a prolonged period of time and therefore perfect specific techniques. Competition is provided by the other ILCA sailors in the BaseCamp programme making the training sessions competitive.

Fitness levels benefit also from working out a couple of times a day with our in house strength and conditioning coach. Often address bodyweight issues as there is a reasonable and consistent time frame to achieve such goals.

Another major bonus of the BaseCamp programme is that sailors become members of the SailCoach ‘family’. Friendships are formed with training partners and coaches as the SailCoach team live, eat, sleep, gym and sail with each other, usually in a multicultural environment. These friendships and cultural interactions can be important for the development of athletes maturity, both in their sailing and in their life experiences. SailCoach sees this as one of our important strengths.

Furthermore, English is the first language of Team SailCoach with all coaching and life conducted through English. This gives BaseCamp sailors the chance to develop the language and often they return home with a much-improved vocabulary. Again SailCoach sees this as one of our important strengths.

If you are an ILCA 4, ILCA 6 or ILCA 7 sailor SailCoach’s Malta SailBase is the place to be training.

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