Optimist Top Dog Clinic


The SailCoach Top Dog Optimist Clinic are designed to give Optimist sailors quality sailing time with a mix of three days of training followed by three days of regatta coaching. We have teamed up with Maurizio Bencic one of the top Optimist coaches in the world to offer this clinic.

The clinic will be supported by other coaches with a proven ability to prepare and inspire young sailors. The venue Burja Yacht Club, Izola offers excellent sailing conditions and is the hometown of the lead coach Maurizio Bencic. This local knowledge will contribute to a better understanding of the local conditions when the regatta takes place.

The Objectives
We all know high performance comes from many hours on the water and this clinics goal is to do that under the watchful eye of some of the best coaches in the class. Developing speed in our sport is all about details and on the water we will give you what you need to be a smarter and faster Optimist sailor!

In this Top Dog Clinic our focus will be:
  1. On-the-water drills to improve boat handling technique•Racing training to help improve your race strategy
  2. Video analysis with targeted feedback
  3. Analysing the decision-making process during the regatta
  4. We will facilitate your learning and make that learning fun 

Pre Entry Experience:
The focus group of this Top Dog Optimist Clinic are boys and girls aged 8 to 15, who have been racing for two years and are now ready to start competing internationally or would like to improve their sailing skills to do much better on their national sailing circuit.

6th September 2022:
(arrival day and first training day)
Arrive at Burja Yacht Club, Izola at 09:00 hrs rig your boat and be ready for a 10:00 hrs briefing on the days activities.

7th and 8th September 2022: (training days)
The Top Dog Optimist Clinic daily schedule will start each morning with a group briefing at 10:00hrs in the Burja Yacht Club and finish at 17:00hrs.
9th to 11th September 2022: (regatta days)
SailCoach coaching staff will provide a morning briefing based on the local conditions on the day, coaching support afloat and finished the day with a race day debrief.
Booking information:
For this Top Dog Optimist Clinic which will take place at Burja Yacht Club, Izola, Slovenia from the 6th to 11th of September 2022 we have put together a coaching support package for €600, per sailor. If you need a charter Optimist there is an additional charge of €200 for this 6 day package. On top of this, you would need to budget for the regatta entry fee.
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