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ILCA 7 BaseCamp (Malta)

February 15, 2025 - March 22, 2025

Gold and Silver Level

Our BaseCamp program has been a success over the years. It offers up to one month of intensive training, where you’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best ILCA coaches, practice with skilled training partners, and focus on your fitness with our in-house coach. With a mix of U21 and full-time ILCA 7 sailors, which all adds up to SailCoach providing an ideal learning environment.

If you can’t commit to a full month, no worries! You’re welcome to join us for a week or two to sharpen your skills and stay updated on the latest techniques in the class. You’ll also get a taste of the professional ILCA sailor’s lifestyle, which can be quite eye-opening for most ILCA sailors

What to Expect at BaseCamp:
At BaseCamp, you’ll stay for up to a month at one of our SailBases or regatta sites. This gives you a chance to experience the life of an Olympic sailor, following a daily routine that involves sailing, fitness, briefings, protein shakes, and getting a good night’s rest.

Diverse Learning Focus:
BaseCamps offer a broad focus, designed mainly for ILCA 7 athletes preparing for an important regatta. What’s great about BaseCamp is that you’ll encounter various weather conditions during your month-long stay, helping you adapt to different sailing conditions and challenges.

Professional Training:
During BaseCamp, you’ll live the life of a true ILCA professional. You’ll work closely with a coach for an extended period, allowing you to perfect specific techniques. The training sessions also involve friendly competition with other ILCA training partners, making it even more rewarding.

Fitness Benefits:
Our in-house strength and conditioning coach will guide you through workouts twice a day. This helps improve fitness levels and can address any body weight goals you may have.

Becoming Part of the SailCoach Family:
BaseCamp isn’t just about training; it’s about building connections. You’ll form friendships with fellow sailors and coaches. We’re a diverse team, living, eating, exercising, and sailing together, which exposes you to different cultures. These friendships and cultural interactions are invaluable for your personal and sailing development.

Language Development:
At Team SailCoach, we speak English as our primary language. All coaching and interactions are conducted in English. This provides BaseCamp sailors with an excellent opportunity to improve their language skills. Many participants return home with a significantly enhanced vocabulary.

What You Can Expect

•  Access to good training partners
•  Informal discussion after training sessions or over dinner
•  Debrief Video Analysis of your sailing
•  Shuttle to and from a top class and well equipped gym
•  Take part in local cycling sessions (you will need your own road bike)
•. Quality time with our in house strength and conditioning coach
•  Advice on what your next steps should be in sailing…

A typical day
Every day at BaseCamp kicks off differently based on the BaseCamp location. You might start with a physical training session to warm up, either before or after breakfast. Our fitness coach will lead these sessions, making sure the exercises are suitable for your age group and safety is a priority.

Then, it’s time for the coaches morning briefing or the debrief from the day before. They’ll outline the day’s sailing plans and what they aim to cover, considering the current weather conditions. Depending on where we are and the weather forecast, we might have one longer session instead of two shorter ones. After lunch, there’s a debrief about the day’s sailing.

After sailing, our fitness coach takes over, leading a gym session and a cool-down, which might even include an ice bath or swim. You’ll also have some downtime in the evening to unwind before the next exciting day begins!

If you have a study or work schedule to consider, we’re flexible. You can join the BaseCamp program for two or three weeks instead of the usual month. We’re here to make it work for you!

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February 15, 2025
March 22, 2025


Malta SailBase
℅ Royal Malta Yacht Club,
Ta' Xbiex, Malta
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