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ILCA 4 Youth Worlds Viana do Castelo, Portugal

June 20 - July 1

The 2024 EurILCA ILCA 4 Worlds will be held in the town of Viana do Castelo, Portugal, from Saturday, the 22nd of June to Sunday, the 30th of June 2024. We at SailCoach have been offering “Coaching Tours” for over 28 years. As a result, we have the experience that brings the confidence you can rely on for this important regatta.

Pre Regatta Training Camp
Join us for a pre-ILCA 4 Worlds high-performance training camp at our Valencia SailBase from June 8th to 18th, 2024. This camp is perfect for sailors who want to prepare for the upcoming world championship and get to know our coaching staff better before the main regatta begins. Link to the training camp page.

Comprehensive Coaching Package
By signing up with SailCoach, you get a dedicated, skilled coach who, in most cases, has campaigned at the Olympic level. These “Coaching Tours” offer small coaching support groups with six sailors’ as the target group size. We aim to provide a complete package, including airport transfers, accommodation, and outstanding coaching, with an extra add-on option for an ILCA charter boat. All you have to do is enter the regatta and book your flights, which could be more straightforward.

Learning Goals
At this Championship, the SailCoach team will focus on improving your regatta preparation skills. Our coaches will work with you daily, setting up a structured plan and goals for the upcoming regatta. You’ll learn important details about preparing for events, ensuring you’re informed and ready.

Additionally, our coaches will teach you how to adapt to the different weather conditions and handle the pressures of high-level competition. A big part of this will be developing and using effective race strategies. You’ll get better at analysing races and refining your tactics, with our coaches giving you helpful feedback and showing you how to assess your own performance. This coaching will prepare you to compete like leading athletes prepare.

Success in sports doesn’t happen overnight, it requires a lot of time and effort. With our coaching, you will have learned the right ways to prepare for a championship. Therefore, we recommend you continue to train and compete regularly to hone these techniques and skills.

A typical day
The day would start with a morning briefing, looking over the weather forecasting and communicating anything important from the coaches meeting and specific points to note for the days racing. The SailCoach coaches will offer you coaching support afloat, such as towing if necessary to get to the starting line. Carry any bags with food and spare parts, along with a jacket to keep warm between races.

The day finishes with a post-race debrief and discussion of the day’s events. In some cases, our coaches will make briefings individually going around the boat park before or after racing, depending on the circumstances. We advise our sailors to settle any differences on the water or in the boat park when possible. However, we will be there to support you during protests if all else fails.

Numbers will be limited on this coaching tour, so you are advised to book early.


20th June 2024
Arrive at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport Porto (OPO) and be met by SailCoach’s friendly coaching staff member, they will take you to the Clube de Vela de Viana do Castelo, the venue for this year’s championship.

21st to 24th June 2024
Familiarisation days, SailCoach will be training at the regatta venue for several days before the event. It gives sailors a chance to get over any jet lag and gain valuable knowledge of the area. Our coaches will help you develop a “Game Plan” strategy and provide you with video analysis that may perfect your boat handling and speed. Having the right preparation is a must going into an important championship. These pre-regatta days will also help you get to know our coaches, a significant advantage when racing begins.

25th to 30th June 2024
Racing starts in the ILCA 4 Youth Worlds, in what promises to be a tough event, ahead lies six days of racing, with the first three being qualifying rounds, after which fleets get divided into gold, silver, and bronze. With the newly allotted fleets fighting it out over the last three days. However, don’t worry, SailCoach’s experienced coaching staff will be there with you giving you all the support you need on and off the water to help you reach your goals.

1st July 2024
A member of the SailCoach staff will drop you off at Porto Airport (OPO) for your journey home, hopefully with a trophy or two under your belt. One thing is for sure: you will have gained a lot of experience in these major championships and have sweet memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

ILCA 4 Youth Worlds Coaching Tour Package
This package includes accommodation in a self-catering apartment and our World Class Coaching. You will also need to budget for flight tickets, ILCA charter, food, pocket money and entry fees. There is a “day coaching” option where the young sailors who would like to stay with their parents and have our coaching staff look after everything on the water.

If you need an ILCA Dinghy charter, please let us know when booking, and we will be happy to give you a special rate when you book this Coaching Tour.

We can offer you our total package option for each regatta, which includes airport transfers, accommodation, pre-training and venue familiarisation before the championship, help with registration and measurement and our world-class coaching. On top of this, you would need to budget for flights, entry fees, ILCA Dinghy charter, meal expenses and pocket money. 

Charter Boat Options
If you need an ILCA Dinghy charter for a regatta, please ask us for our special, discounted price with this regatta package.

I hope the above information is helpful, and if you need any further assistance or would like to confirm a place, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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June 20
July 1


Viana do Castelo
Clube de Vela de Viana do Castelo
Viana do Castelo,, Portugal
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