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ILCA 7 Clinic (Malta)

October 21, 2023 - October 28, 2023

Experience the excitement of SailCoach’s intensive six-day ILCA 7 Clinic at our Malta SailBase. Designed to cater to ILCA 7 sailors aged 16 and with a background of taking part in their national sailing circuits or looking to enhance their ILCA skillset. Take advantage of this chance to fine-tune your skills and expand your horizons in the world of ILCA 7 sailing.


What to Expect:
During this clinic, we will focus on improving boat preparation with the latest developments in the class, refining sail settings, and mastering advanced boat handling skills such as roll-tacking, roll-gybing, and mark rounding. The ILCA Clinic will delve into developing upwind and downwind speed with comprehensive video analysis.

At SailCoach, we strongly believe in the value of multi-national training, which we pioneered years ago. This intense week of training will provide sailors with an opportunity to challenge themselves against competitors from other countries. They will be coached by the most experienced ILCA dinghy coaches, including coaches who have been part of the Team SailCoach squad at various Olympics.

The daily schedule of the clinic combines classroom lessons and on-the-water exercises, fostering healthy competition. Each day concludes with tactical and strategic debriefings. Sailors will receive individual attention both on the water and through detailed video analysis.

A Typical Day:
The day will kick off with a physical training warm-up session conducted by our in-house fitness coaches. Safety and age-appropriate exercises are prioritised to ensure the well-being of the participating sailors. Following the warm-up, the coach will brief the sailors on the day’s sailing sessions, highlighting specific areas of focus based on the prevailing weather conditions.

After lunch, there will be a debrief on the morning session, followed by a briefing for the afternoon session. Depending on the venue and weather forecast, the coach may opt for a single extended session instead of two shorter sessions.

Post-sailing, our strength and conditioning coach will lead a cool-down session, which may include activities like an ice bath or swim, depending on the venue. There will be another debrief on the day’s activities either before or after dinner, allowing some evening relaxation before gearing up for the next exciting day.

SailCoach is thrilled to offer this ILCA 7 Clinic, where you’ll have the chance to meet fellow sailors from around the world who share your passion for the sport. Lifelong friendships in sailing await you!

21st October 2023: (arrival day)
Arrive into Malta Airport between 08:00 hrs and 22:00 hrs and be met by one of SailCoach’s friendly staff. They will take you to the St Paul’s Bay SailBase at the Gillieru Harbour Hotel complex, the venue for this ILCA Half-Term Clinic.

22nd October to 27th October 2023:
The ILCA 7 Clinic daily schedule will start each morning with a group briefing at 10:00hrs in the St Paul’s Bay SailBase and finish at 17:00hrs.

28th October 2023: (departure day)
SailCoach staff will drop you off at Malta Airport between 08:00 hrs and 22:00 hrs for your journey home after some quality training.

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October 21, 2023
October 28, 2023


St Paul’s Bay SailBase
Gillieru Harbour Hotel
59 Dawret Il-Gzejjer, San Pawl il-Baħar Malta
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