We will start by explaining how our team SailCoach works. 

Below are the details:

We developed the concept back in the ’90s when SailCoach was first set up, and it has evolved since then with other organisations replicating the concept. The goal is to bring sailors together mostly from small countries who do not have access to coaching to train together as a team for a common goal, i.e. the Olympics in most cases.

How does this work in practical terms? SailCoach provides the coaching environment to support sailors, both on the water and ashore. Our coaches are considered to be some of the best in the coaching business. Our in-house strength and conditioning coach will also be involved in guiding our athletes with their fitness programs. We currently have two full-time Laser sailors who add consistency to the team and make for good training partners.

Based on the Mediterranean island of Malta where we aim to provide 20 to 25 technical training days on the water per month, daily fitness lead by our strength and conditioning coach and several rest days per month. Sailors are welcome to join for several months or a full Olympic cycle, depending on their commitment to achieving Olympic qualification/results.

We try to be flexible, particular with the younger sailors who have more time to reach their goals. However, an Olympic campaign is not easy and trying to qualify for the Olympic Games will be one of the hardest things someone will do in their lives and therefore requires a great deal of commitment to achieve this dream goal. 

SailCoach aims to run a professional team of committed Olympic sailing athletes, with the appropriate lifestyle. To achieve this, we expect our team sailors to be able to make sacrifices in other parts of life to be in a position to meet their Olympic dream. Athletes will be given help by the coaching staff to adjust to this professionalism and those athletes not coming up to the standards asked of them, may no longer be part of the programme.

When at regattas, there is a surcharge for the coach boat charter and Laser charter, regatta accommodation and the coaches flight ticket, which is divided between all the team members equally. If you prefer to use your own boat at regattas we can organise transportation within Europe. Other than this you will need to budget for flight tickets, food, pocket money and regatta entry fees. 

We will have athletes trying to achieve individual study goals within the team, and we encourage this as a way to balance a professional athletes lifestyle. Some athletes will attend university in Malta, and others may study an online course, others could be working towards a coaching qualification with SailCoach or simply a full-time athlete. Whatever the combination, we will do our best to support you, so the right balance is struck between study and performance.

SailCoach has a strong culture, developed over many years with a proven track record, and is committed to personal and professional athlete development. We’re not afraid to take on new challenges, are you?

We have charter Lasers available in Malta which is included in the above fee, however during busy periods you may not have use of a boat. For regattas outside Malta, we will offer reduced charter fees or you can arrange to have your own boat which will endeavour to transport.

One of our athletes arriving back to his Malta training base after qualifying for the Tokyo Games.

We have a number of contacts which can help Team SailCoach sailors attend university in Malta with the possibility of reduced fees on scholarship programs.