Studying and Sailing Based out of Malta

Now with schools and universities moving online, this provides an excellent opportunity for sailors to base themselves at our Malta SailBase and combine quality time on the water with excellent coaching and training partners. While at the same time keeping on top of their studies back home.

SailCoach has come up with an easy way to help you do this.

We plan to offer our BaseCamp programmes for both Radial and Standard sailors that would like not to lose out in any second lockdown or national travel restrictions. With Malta being a small Mediterranean island it’s able to control its borders quite efficiently, and during the first coronavirus outbreak, our sailors were able to train as normal.

Our goal is to bring sailing athletes together during these challenging times and give them access to good coaching and training partners with a common goal, i.e. becoming better Laser sailors or qualifying for the Olympics in most cases.

How does this work in practical terms? SailCoach provides the coaching environment to support sailing athletes, both on the water and ashore. Our coaches are considered to be some of the best in the coaching business. Our in-house strength and conditioning coach who is also World Sailing’s Emerging Nations S&C coach will be involved in guiding athletes with their fitness programs. We currently have three full-time Laser sailors who add consistency to the group and make for good training partners.

SailCoach’s aim to create a professional environment of committed Laser sailing athletes, with the appropriate lifestyle. Our Malta SailBase is the ideal venue for this with everything you need within walking distance, including accommodation, supermarkets, a modern fleet of Lasers,  an excellent gym and our SailBase home from home.

We will provide an organised programme and its administration, and all the athletes have to do is train hard, both on the water and in the gym, and set aside time during the days for study. SailCoach will deal with everything else. What could be easier in these troubled times?

SailCoach has a strong culture, developed over many years with a proven track record, and is committed to personal and professional athlete development. We’re not afraid to take on new challenges, are you?

Malta is an ideal training venue as we hardly ever lose training days due to too little or too much wind, and there is hardly any other venues that offers this consistency. Market research indicates that SailCoach came out on top for both quality of service and price, offering the best value amongst its competition. Two excellent reasons why to choose Malta and SailCoach, as your coaching provider.

By this stage, you are probably wondering what all this will cost? SailCoach is very aware that Laser athletes are not the best-funded and therefore prices have to be affordable. With this in mind, we have come up with a discounted price from our usual BaseCamp program which will cover our operating costs and not much more. If you are interested in joining this program, then please send us an email and will take things from there.

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