The SailCoach Foundation offers a scholarship programme for corporates that want to contribute to sailing. This allows talented emerging nations sailors, without the funds, to attend SailCoach through this sponsored bursary. We try and support two sailors per year based on talent and financial need to join the High Performance Course for Olympic sailors. This will enhance and fast-track their careers, giving them the edge in their profession and hopefully building towards taking part in the Olympic Games.

If you are interested in sponsoring a sailor please contact Trevor on +356 999 380 44 or e-mail

SailCoach Scholarship Progremme was set up to identify Laser Std sailors, develop their talent as young athletes from the ages of 17 to 25, and engage them in an elite, high-performance development programme. The scholarship aims to prepare and develop sailors to compete to a world-class level.

A sailor once selected for the scholarship progremme will be directed into a personal development programme geared primarily to ensuring that the athlete’s capacities and abilities as a talented sailor are maximized. The athlete will be supported by SailCoach staff, specialist coaches, sports scientists and other specialists appointed by SailCoach from time to time. All areas of physical, technical, tactical, and psychological development will be supported. The use of video analysis and a competition programme appropriate to the sailor’s development will enhance the athletes’ programme.

Sailor Education

It is vital that education is pursued as well as development as an Olympic sailor. Athletes retire early (normally in their thirties) and very few sailors ever earn enough not to have to work beyond that. Injuries too can interrupt a sports career, so it is important to have an alternative career path.

The SailCoach Scholarship Progremme will ensure that all athletes are able to pursue the core programme. This should, in the majority of cases, involve the sailor in an equivalent of 15-20 hours of skills training, technical skills development, conditioning, tactical awareness, and ‘active rest’ each week. This will normally be delivered during the day at the optimum on the water time for each individual sailors development.

Working in partnership with local sports specialists and the University of Malta, further education can provide the scholarship athlete with flexible educational support that allows him to put sailing first for three to four hours each day whilst still attending lessons/lectures. The University of Malta have indicated that a similar flexible approach could be applied to students on either diploma or degree courses. This may mean an extension of their degree courses to four or five years, which should be possible with the modular approach to qualifications. Sailors in the Scholarship Programme will also benefit from working daily with and alongside SailCoach’s more senior athletes.

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Alexandr Denisiuc (above) a emerging nation sailor from Moldova who has been making steady progress on the SailCoach Foundations scholarship programme at present.