We, at SailCoach, recognise that there is a demand for sailors to get more time on the water with their own coach, particularly over the European off-season. In order to facilitate this demand, we have come up with SailCoach “lite,” which is a lighter version of SailCoach with some of the non-essential services trimmed back in order to give sailors a basic service at an affordable price.

With SailCoach “lite,” we aim to provide airport transfers, charter boats (Optimist and Laser), self-catering accommodation, and a charter coach boat (RIB) for a minimum of six sailors in any one group. Initially, the service will be offered between the months of September and May from SailCoach’s Malta SailBase.

There is the possibility of add-ons to the above services for such things as meal packages, coaching, strength and conditioning, etc.

How does it work?
You start by emailing the SailCoach office with your proposed training dates and we will get back to you with what’s available for that period, along with a price. If you agree with the dates and the price, we will then take a deposit to secure the booking.

Once this is done, you can make arrangements to fly your team to Malta. We will meet you at Malta Airport (MLA), take you to the accommodation, and issue the charter boats and RIB. The rest is up to you until it’s time to fly home, which is when we will check over the boats and take you to the airport.

Easy and simple, that’s SailCoach “lite”

Why Malta?

  • Malta is the home of the SailCoach Foundation, whose innovative coaching has been at the forefront of dinghy sailing for over two decades. During that time, the foundation has won four Olympic Medals, and our coaching staff are considered amongst the best in the coaching business.
  • Malta is an ideal training venue as we hardly ever lose training days due to too little or too much wind, and there is hardly any other venue that offers this consistency.
  • The climate is as welcoming as the people. Malta’s weather is typically the Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot summers. Winter days have an average of 6 hours of sunshine; this doubles in summer! Most winter days, the temperatures get to double figures and to make things even better, the average water temperature is 16°C and 28°C in the summer. Malta sailing sessions are rarely lost because of too little or too much wind.
  • The Maltese islands are well-served by their national airline, and most of the European budget carriers, along with Emirates and Turkish Airways, bring people in from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond.
  • Malta’s official languages are English and Maltese. The majority of Maltese are bilingual, and a little knowledge of English is all that you need to get around the islands. The SailCoach staff speaks fluent English, with some having as many as four languages at their disposal, including Russian, Polish, Romanian, and Turkish.
  • Malta is safe. The character of the Maltese population is typically Mediterranean – welcoming, friendly, and helpful. Crime rates are the lowest in Europe.
  • Malta is a modern and competitive EU member-state. The young find the islands appealing and dynamic. Despite its conservative, laid-back charms, Malta offers all of the benefits of a modern EU member-state, such as a well-connected airport with good public transportation infrastructure, modern hospitals, and a well-respected university.

Contact information:
For further information and prices, please visit our website or e-mail us.
e-mail: lite@sailcoach.com