Sailing is a hazardous activity and the mix of sailing boats and powerboats, together with ancillary activities such as launching/retrieval, towing, capsizing and recovery, all carry the risk of accident or injury.

SailCoach takes safety very seriously and regularly assesses the risks associated with various activities and takes steps to reduce or eliminate those risks.

We have a comprehensive Safety Manual and our Safety Statement is available to download HERE.

It is the SailCoach policy that all staff and students are responsible for safety. SailCoach must ensure that adequate resources and safety training are available to its staff and students. All staff and students must have regard for safety training and safety instructions and comply with all notices including but not restricted to sailing instructions or any other notice relating to safety. All staff and students are invited to read this statement and the safety officer should draw their attention to it. Whilst all staff and students are responsible for safety, SailCoach through its safety officer is responsible for the day-to-day safety within staff and students.

Specifically, SailCoach is responsible for ensuring that safe systems of work operate and that adequate safety and operating instructions are documented and implemented within SailCoach.

All staff and students must observe safe systems of work and follow safety and operating instructions, which are implemented by SailCoach.

The links below provide further information into a number of categories.

  • For an overview of our Club Policy please see our Safety Statement below
  • For aspects relating to the staff and students responsibility, rules and structure please see the following documents:
  • Organisation Policy and Roles
  • For Child Protection Policies please see Children Protection Policy

Any questions or queries on these documents can be e-mailed to

For the Code of Practice for the Safe Operation of Recreational Craft please find a soft copy HERE

For information relevant to Risk Assessment and regarding risks of tools and other equipment please visit the other links below: