To help our staff plan ahead we would greatly appreciate you making every effort to arrive at the SailBase the day before your clinic starts and leave the day after it finishes. Please e-mail us with your flight information as soon as it becomes available. The airport you fly into is Malta International Airport (situated in Luqa and there is only one airport) and it is served by the budget airlines. If you have a problem with your baggage the address to have your bags sent to is:

SailCoach, c/o 115 the Strand Hotel, 115 The Strand, GZR 1027, Limits of Sliema, and our phone number is +356 999 308 44.

We make airport transfers from Malta airport between the hours of 8am and 9pm, so please try and plan your arrival/departure between these times. Outside of these times it will be necessary for you to arrange your own transport. The white taxi company has a desk in the arrivals hall, and the fare to the hotel is approximately €20.