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Charter Boats

SailCoach maintains a fleet of approximately 10 Lasers guaranteed less than two years old at most major Laser regattas and our SailBases. This means you never have to worry about transporting your boat and allowing you to fly into the venue with your Laser all ready to sail. All charter kit is guaranteed to be less than two years old.

SailCoach has been operating European Laser Charters for well over 19 years and we take pride in providing the best service as we are always on site to help sort out those little problems. There is no other organisation that offers such a wide choice of regattas and service.

SailCoach now has a dedicated staff member looking after our fleet of boats to make sure they are in the boat park and race ready. Our goal is to enable Laser sailors from any part of the world to compete on the European Circuit or participate in our training clinics with good equipment, hassle free. We are Laser sailors ourselves so we understand your needs.

If you are thinking of coming to Europe then please ask us about putting a Laser charter package together as we can take a lot of the effort out of competing on the European Regatta Circuit. We will do our very best to put a package together that suit your needs.