Boarding School with daily Laser Coaching

The future of a sailing athlete will become more dependent on quality time on the water, and the best way to achieve this is through combining education and specialist coaching. Here, at SailCoach, we are bringing together these two elements by offering a boarding school solution.

There will always be those who believe natural talent is more important than expert coaching and state-of-the-art facilities, but SailCoach believes you need both in today’s competitive world of sport.

The SailCoach Academy is a private institute in collaboration with St Edward’s College, Malta, where sailing athletes can combine their academic studies with a proactive sailing programme provided by SailCoach.

The International Baccalaureate diploma programme (IB) is a challenging and demanding two-year curriculum, primarily aimed at students aged 16 to 19. It leads to a qualification widely recognised by the world’s leading universities. The IB programme suits perfectly the philosophy of the SailCoach Academy, as it offers a complete academic package with the goal to educate the whole person: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and ethically in keeping with the SailCoach philosophy.

Exam results and University destinations

St Edward’s students have achieved excellent results in their International Baccalaureate qualifications. The St Edward’s achieved a 94% pass rate, 31 point average. The maximum point score a student can obtain is 45 points.

University destinations for students leaving St Edward’s College in the summer, included UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), McGill University, Montréal, Canada, University of Southampton, UK, The Arts University of Bournemouth, UK, Lille Catholic University, France, University of Groningen, Netherlands, University of Aberdeen, UK, the University of Debrecen in Hungary and Kadir Has University, Turkey.

The University of Malta or the American University of Malta for those students who would like to stay on in Malta and train with SailCoach while studying for a degree. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is ideal for students who wish to opt for a broader subject range. This broad range of skills, knowledge, and understanding is considered a superior quality by universities and future employers.

Students study six subjects, with three at a higher level and three at standard level; they also pursue the “Theory of Knowledge” course, write an extended essay (mini-thesis), and build a portfolio of service and community work. The IBDP is a stimulating programme highly valued by universities.

The International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) is based in Geneva and is independent of any interference from national governments; therefore, the Diploma has not suffered from any grade inflation. This is one reason more schools opt for the IB Diploma, recently rated “10 out of 10” by the Financial Times. With 4,998 participating schools, from 146 countries, the IB Diploma is truly a worldwide qualification.


  • In the UK, IB graduates are more than twice as likely attend a top 20 university than the average A level student.
  • Feedback collected from a wide range of IB graduates suggests IB students have an easier time adjusting to university studies.

The St Edward’s campus boarding facilities

The St Edward’s camps offer boys and girls unparalleled levels of comfort and privacy, without compromising any of the benefits and values associated with the more traditional boarding experience. The student-athletes are accommodated in a wing of the school, where each student has a single room with internet and shares common facilities with fellow students. In the boarding wing, there is plenty of privacy with each student having their own room to study or unwind after a hard day of activities.

In the boarding wing, there is a “boarding parent” available 24/7. The boarding parent will guide, take care of safety, and support the student-athletes during their stay at the academy’s St Edward campus.

The boarding rates include tuition, 24-hour supervision, breakfast, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack, lunch, and dinner. There is the use of after school Wi-Fi, a laundry, and the St Edward campus has an activities coordinator for the days the student-athletes are not out on the water.

The Academy also has its own in-house strength and conditioning coach, and the St Edward campus boasts extensive sports facilities, which include a modern fitness and gymnastics centre, new state-of-the-art 8 lane track with a 9 aside pitch, two 7 aside football pitches, volleyball courts, multi-purpose sports arena inclusive of mini basketball courts, full-sized basketball court, a tennis court, and indoor table-tennis.

The philosophy

The SailCoach Academy’s philosophy is based on developing the whole athlete, where success is defined as an individual realising their personal potential and developing life skills that will be of benefit beyond the realms of the boat park. Therefore, parents can rest assured the student-athletes will receive the support and attention they need in this new environment, which strikes the correct balance between academic excellence and sport.

Why Malta?

  1. Malta is the home of the SailCoach Foundation, whose innovative coaching has been at the forefront of dinghy sailing for over two decades. During that time, the foundation has accomplished winning four Olympic Medals, and our coaching staff are considered amongst the best in the coaching business.
  2. Malta’s official languages are English and Maltese. The majority of Maltese are bilingual and a little knowledge of English is all you need to get around the islands. In addition, the English language is the academic language of the island. Therefore, all lessons or lectures are delivered in English. SailCoach Academy’s staff speak fluent English with some having as many as four languages at their disposal. Some languages are Russian, Polish, Romanian, and Turkish.
  3. Malta is safe. The Maltese population’s characteristics are typically Mediterranean – welcoming, friendly, and helpful. Crime rates are the lowest in Europe. Parents can put their mind at rest when combining this information with the fact that the boarders will sleep in secure and monitored premises.
  4. Malta is a historical and cultural hub in the Mediterranean. Maltese culture carries the influences of Roman, Phoenician, Arab, Spanish, Italian, and English cultures. No other country in the world has as many historical sites per square mile! Simply, it is an interesting place to live.
  5. The climate is as welcoming as the people. Malta’s weather is also typically Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot summers. Winter days have an average of 6 hours of sunshine; this doubles in summer! Most winter days, the temperatures get to double figures, and we experience little loss of sailing sessions because of too little or too much wind.
  6. Malta is a modern and competitive EU member-state. The young find the islands appealing and dynamic. Despite its conservative laid-back charms, Malta offers everything a modern EU member state can offer. Such as a well-connected airport with good public transport infrastructure, modern hospitals and a well-respected university, these are just a few of Malta’s benefit.

Sailing athletes can take advantage of this programme by taking a gap year or post-graduate year at the SailCoach Academy to improve their English language skills sitting for TEFL or to re-sit for other subjects to improve their marks.

The reality is, if you would like to become the best sailor in the world, you have to invest time now to have a bright future…

What are the Costs?

The academic year is over 10 months and the fee is €—– per month. The package includes accommodation, meals, academic studies, on the water performance coaching, boat charter, strength and conditioning and general supervision.

The real question is not if your student-athlete can afford this opportunity, but if they can afford to miss out on this opportunity?

We look forward to welcoming you to Malta and into the SailCoach family.