20 Years


Coaching Lasers. No other private coaching organisation comes close to that amount of experience or record in the class.


Olympic Games

Exceptional depth of knowledge in our coaching team that is difficult to find elsewhere.


On the water

SailCoach is the only coaching organisation with sailors on the water 365 days in a year.



World Championship medals won by our sailors



Olympic medals won by our sailors



Continental Championship medals won by our sailors

We sail out of the very best sailing venues in the world

The Mediterranean island of Malta, one of the worlds best sailing venues and SailCoach can offer them to you to help fast track your sailing performance. The venue offer all year round sailing conditions that means more quality hours on the water, minimal waiting around for wind, and faster jumps in your performance…

Malta SailBase


Optimist Training Centre


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March’s training programme…

1 – 15 March
Standard BaseCamp

1 – 25 March
Radial BaseCamp

11 – 16 March
Radial Masters Clinic

16 – 19 March
Standard Masters Clinic

April’s training programme…

11 – 30 April
Standard and Radial BaseCamp

2- 9 April
Optimist Highfliers Clinic

2 – 9 April
4.7 Highfliers Clinic

10 – 17 April
Optimist Highfliers Clinic

10 – 17 April
Radial Highfliers Clinic

May’s training programme…

9 – 31 May
Standard and Radial BaseCamp

28 May – 4 June
Optimist Highfliers Clinic

28 May – 4 June
4.7 Highfliers Clinic

June’s training programme…

1 – 12 June
Standard and Radial BaseCamp

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Top Tips

Start: When a boat is coming at you from your leeward side on port to take your space, your best defense is to bear away quickly…

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